AtomiconGallery for Joomla 1.5.x

The AtomiconGallery is deprecated. It is here for historic purposes and the few that still use Joomla 1.5.x
You can still download the gallery, but keep in mind that there will be NO active development on the gallery.

AtomiconGallery is a lightweight database-less gallery.

The gallery is developed with the ease of use and designers in mind.

Easy to implement and use for both you and/or your clients.

The whole gallery setup is so transparent you can easily customize the gallery without being a Joomla! guru.

It has a thumbnail generator/images resizer, you can add descriptions to your images.

It also makes use of the fabulous slimbox.
But that can also be easily overridden with your own lightbox implementation.


  • Thumbnail and Image generation
    Creating thumbnails and resizing images
  • Easy implementation
    Installation is easy and the parameters are easy to follow
  • Transparent and clear CSS
    The CSS setup is very transparent making it easy to customize for designers
  • Runs out of the box
    It runs straight out of the box
  • Easy navigation
    Users can easily navigate through the gallery
  • Languages
    Easily translate the gallery (support for three languages initially: English, Dutch, German and Swedish)


  • Security fix: As of 16 september changed the chmod 0777 to 0755
  • Fixed the ‘exotic filenames’ bug (e.g. names like ‘ab(20).jpg’ work from now on.
  • Added the swedish language (huge thanks to: Ola Heed, from
  • Fixed a few common CSS problems with templates.


And these are just a few… if you want your one listed here please contact me and I’ll be happy to add your site.



  1. For some reason, some photos open fine in the gallery, but other just will not open. They do not weigh much and I can´t figure out why. If you go to our site, and to Galeria de Fotos, Photo Gallery, on the left-handed menu, and then try to open the Album titles Jornadas.., the pictures themselves do not open when clicked on.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I have reinstalled the software, deleted and replaced albums, and can´t figure out what the deal is..



    1. I think you have spaces in your file names! I had the same problem and removed the spaces! Runs fine now!

    2. The problem may be that the name of the pictures must be without spaces, points, etc….try to rename the file with simple name (e.g. pc8.jpg), and upload it again.

      1. Awesome, any estimate when this will be ready? i’m trying to avoid reverting back to 1.5 but I’ll do it for this plugin, I’ve used it for other projects and loved it.

      2. Hi there! Come on! Please publish the 1.6 version sooner 🙂 looking forward to it.

        1. Development is nearly finished 🙂 Plus! there will be extra features. Translation and testing phase already started.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Please try renaming your files. You now have files named like “me 27.jpg” it’s the space-character.
      I’m fixing this as soon as possible. In the meantime you could rename your files to e.g. “me27.jpg” or “me-27.jpg”
      Sorry for the inconvience.

  2. Hi. This component is great and I use it a long time already and no problems, but I’m wondering if someone knows how to reverse the display of events from ascending to descending. So to display galleries from the newest to the oldest? Please help, trying to find it in the code, but it’s hard going.

    1. The development of AtomiconGallery v2 (for Joomla! 1.6.x) is nearly finished. Then you have the ability to sort folders and images.Please come back soon and download a fresh copy.

  3. Is there a way to add pagination? Like change the number of images per page?

    Thank you.

  4. I’ve also found a bug, I think. Browsing sub-folders throws a 404 error. So I can’t browse any folders except those in root…

  5. Hoi Yvo,

    I used your gallery on more than one site and the weird thing is that the thumbnails are different from time to time.

    I would like to have that they are always a small version of the original picture but sometimes they are just a part of the original picture and that is not so beautiful.

    Do you have a solution for this please?

  6. Duh, Sorry, just figured it out. No need to respond. I feel like a tool. Thanks again for this great gallery!

    1. No problem. It’s quite simple… you can do it via administator->components->atomicongallery and then via the toolbar-button “thumbnails”

  7. hello i want to use AtomiconGallery but i dont knwo how. i uploaded the pictures to AtomiconGallery in commponent but next….

    1. For the next version I planned a plugin, So yes. atomicongallery will be possible in articles.

  8. Hi, I really like this component. I’m just looking to display the folders names once I’m viewing the actual thumbnails of that folder. Above or below “Gallery” but above the thumbnails. Is there an option for this that I’ve miseed or a string of code that I can add to make this happen?

  9. Trying again I posted this comment over the weekend and now my comment is gone. I really like the gallery extension. I’m just looking for a way to show the folder name once I’ve clicked on a folder name and am viewing that particular set of thumbnails. I’m looking for this to appear either above or below the component heading.

    1. You can do that by overriding the views in your templates folder. Or by editing the view files in the ‘components/atomicongallery/view’ folder.

      1. Hi Yvo,

        I have a client who wants to show te latest folder too.
        I’m using Joomla 1.5 at this moment so upgrading with 1.6 version of the component is not a fix.

        Is there a way to show the newest folder with some code example you have.
        The folders are named with year dates. For example 2011 Shintai Seizoensafsluiting. The oldest one at the moment is named 2007 Jeugddag. So you see that 2007 comes before 2011.

        Please show me some code how to fix this.



        p.s. keep up the good work.

  10. we are always adding to our photo gallery page and we want to have the newest gallery folder at the top, but we can not get that to happen since it only displays as apha numeric? is there a way to reorder our gallery folders to display newest to oldest? can I edit the code somewhere for this to work?

    1. You can easily modify the files in the “helpers”-folder (administrator) there you can sort your folders. Another option is to do it in the view (just before display).

      1. Can you please show me how to: change the ordering of the folders so that the last folders are on top instead of what is now. I know its in the helpers folder, but show me HOW.!


      2. Hello,

        I can’t seem to find where to reorder the galleries. You mentioned a ‘helper’ folder or setting it in the view just before display. Could you please be more specific as to where these are located?

        Much thanks!

  11. Hi, i got this error:

    Warning! /images/atomicongallery does not exist or is not writeable

    I already set the permissions to 777.

    1. Make sure the folder {root}/images/atomicongallery exists.
      AtomiconGallery tries to search for that specific folder. Also make sure PHP has write access on your domain (this can be achieved through your favorite FTP application)

    2. I too had the same problem when I created a new folder which wouldn’t show (the others would). I made the error of naming the folder Ga’ash – with an apostrophe in the middle – that was the problem. I deleted the folder (couldn’t figure out how to rename it…) and created a new one with out the apostrophe – Gaash. Now it works as it should — perhaps I really ought to upgrade……

  12. Hi.

    Got got this warning when i wanted to display pictures.

    Warning! /images/atomicongallery does not exist or is not writeable

    the permission to the folder is set to 777, and it exist. What is wrong with this picture!


    1. Make sure the folder {root}/images/atomicongallery exists.
      AtomiconGallery tries to search for that specific folder. Also make sure PHP has write access on your domain

      1. This error ( Warning! /images/atomicongallery does not exist or is not writeable ) keeps occurring randomly for me on a client site.

        The permissions are set correctly, the folder exists. Sometimes galleries are created perfectly with no errors, sometimes they just throw up this error.

        Additionally, I’m now concerned about using AtomiconGallery after seeing this warning:

  13. Hi.

    got it working showing the picture, but then this cme up. Bit of annoying.

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /var/www/ on line 57

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /var/www/ on line 70

    Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /var/www/ on line 90


    1. You have the component ‘jPFChat’ installed. And it shows you deprecated functions. Please change your error_reporting level. Or update your jPFChat components.

  14. Hi, the gallery works fine and is perfect and simple but doesn’t display correctly on IE as there is no actuall space for the fourth column and the images get cropped. Is there a way to define the number of columns? I also tried to play with the size of the thumbnails but not all sizes seem to be applicable. However this is not problem with me as long as I fix the column widths.

    1. IE is indeed a problem since IE doesn’t support CSS3. Though IE9 supports a little more. (i.e. the rounded corners)

    1. asap! i’m currently on a heavy-weight project with VMware. When I have the time i’ll spend it developing atomicongallery 2 for joomla1.6

      1. This happens often when jQuery is loaded too. In the new version of AtomiconGallery this issue is solved. (I will also try to update this component asap)

        1. It also happens, when the mootols upgrade is on. May be you would be able to fix it in the future.

          More over, it would be great, of there were a possibility to give pseudonims to folders: I can’t use the cyrilic simbols, while naming, but I would like my users see only russian names.

  15. I’m having a problem with the lightbox. It doesn’t seem to work. My photos are just opening in a new blanc page. Is there something I’m missing?

    1. This happens often when jQuery is loaded too. (jQuery.noConflict() can solve this issue, i’ll update the component asap.. stay tuned)

  16. Hi, please help me solve the problem, set your gallery to your site:, but the gallery does not want to properly display images, each photo opens in a separate window rather than in the lightbox.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Sergey.

    1. This happens often when jQuery is loaded too. (jQuery.noConflict() can solve this issue, i’ll update the component asap.. so please stay tuned)

      1. Where I should put that code? Sorry im pretty new in joomla and I dont want to deactivate mootools, because I need it.

      2. In joomla 1.5 pictures will display directly (in a blank page) rather then with a lightbox if the user has the plugin “update mootools” enabled. After deactivating it seems to work fine. As far as I know the original version of mootools will still be used.

  17. Hi, Thanks for the answer and warm words to my design.
    I already tried to update mootools, also put rokbox, but it hasn’t solved a problem, lightbox all the same doesn’t work.


  18. Im having a problem with this. I installed it created a folder, uploaded images assigned it to a menu item but all i am getting is this error:

    * JFolder::folder: Path is not a folder:
    * JFolder::files: Path is not a folder:

    Warning! /images/atomicongallery does not exist or is not writeable

    any light you could shed on this would helpful. i changed folder permissions and everything.

    1. Make sure the folder ‘{root}/images/atomicongallery’ exists.
      Also give it read and write access (chmod 755 or chmod 777 this can be achieved through FTP)

      1. I already did what you suggested. The gallery already exists,and the permissions are already set appropriately. Is there some supporting plugin I should be using?

    1. Go to your administrator panel -> components -> atomicongallery
      Navigate to your desired folder and click in the toolbar on ‘thumbnails’ a few questions will be asked (you also get the question to resize your original images) then click ‘process’ …

  19. Hi,

    i’ve tried your component in 2 websites and it seems very interesting!
    In the first there aren’t problems, it works perfectly, but in the 2nd website there is a problem. When a user click on the thumbnails, does not appear the classical “gallery” but it appears the image in a blank php page, like: .I want it to appear the photogallery with the Next button… How can I fix this ??

    1. Looks like a javascript (jQuery?) conflict. If you could provide an URL of your site I could take a look at it.

  20. How to fix

    Notice: Undefined variable: result in /home/svegapom/public_html/includes/router.php on line 326

    1. Looks like a variable not initialized by jooma (the router.php file is from the Joomla core)
      Normally router.php on line 326 must look like:

      $result = implode('/', $parts);
      $tmp = ($result != "") ? '/'.$result : '';

      Please check and look if you do not have a modified router.php file

      1. Thanks for your reply. Below, I’ll bring you what I said in router.php. Can you tell me whether I have a problem now when I clean out “if ($ parts). ” Now we your component works.

        if ($parts) $result = implode(‘/’, $parts);
        $tmp = ($result != “”) ? ‘/’.$result : ”;

        1. I see… if $parts is false.. result is never set…

          please change:

          if ($parts) $result = implode('/', $parts);
          $tmp = ($result != "") ? '/'.$result : '';


          $result = $parts ? implode('/', $parts) : '';
          $tmp = ($result != '') ? '/'.$result : '';

  21. Hello Yvo,

    thaks for your answerd. I have debug mode on, but after on click on AtomiconGallery component I see nothing. On my localhost is everithing okay, only display this error:
    Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in xampphtdocskluckapluginssystemrokbox.php on line 90 .. Thanks for your time. 🙂

      1. I install new rokbox plugin. Everithing is OK in the fronted, now. But in backend after click AtomiconGallery module i see nothing…. I try install new copy of joomla, after this I tell you…

        Or any ideas?

        1. Reinstalled, but still without success. After click in backend – blank page. But other modules operated great.

          There is something to be set in php.ini?

  22. maybe i am missing something… i installed the component, created my galleries… how do i get them to appear on my website… is there another module or plugin that I need to make this work?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Go to your administrator panel -> menus -> add a new menu item (choose type: atomicongallery)
      And basically you’re done. (you can also make tweaks using the settings menu on the right)

  23. Hi there,

    Great component. I have it installed on a number of sites. On this one (, all was working well and suddenly there are no thumbs and no images. Nothing has changed and it is only on this site. I have turned debug on and cannot see anything obvious.

    Thanks for any ideas!

  24. Update on this:

    I found a .htaccess file in each folder with the text “Options -MultiViews
    ErrorDocument 404 //” and variations on the .php file.

    I renamed each of them and the problem is gone. Is this likely to have been hacked?

    1. Hi Paul, Atomicongallery does NOT create .htaccess files! It only makes thumbnails and description files. It could have been hacked. Never heard of a “49340.php” script. Please contact your ISP about this problem.

  25. Hello,
    is it possible to add links as description? The plugin deletes for example <, so if I write <a href… as description, the descrition is href… after saving. If you click on a thumbnail and the picture opens, I want to have a link above the "Image 1 of 3" and not only a text. I found out that slimbox supports this, but your plugin changes the description everytime 🙁
    Can you help me?

    1. Hi Lucas,

      Yes it is possible, AtomiconGallery escapes (e.g. ‘< ' becomes '<') this is a safety thing. You can turn it off. But than you will have to modify the code. You can do this by altering the "default_files.php" located in your 'components/com_atomicongallery/...' directory. Search for: title="

      and change it to:
      title=”< ?php echo $item['description'];?>”

      And everything will be as you wished.

      Good point though… I’ll take this issue to AtomiconGallery 2

  26. I am new at this web site thing and I am having problems finding out how to put the actual gallery onto my Page. I want to have it show up in the Gallery Section Below my text .

    1. Hi,

      You mean as in “under an article” ? .. this is currently not supported yet.
      For AtomiconGallery 2 there will be a plugin available

      1. You can put text above the Atomicon Gallery Component, what you have to do is to use a module to place the text above the gallery. (Please refer to the example site – here I set one up for each artist)

        First create your gallery, and then create a menu link to the gallery.

        Next create a custom category using the Category Manager; you will want to create a different one for each page that will have a gallery.

        The custom category needs to be assigned to a different section, in this example I used News, though you can create a new section.

        Next create a new Article that contains the info and images that you want to have above the gallery, the example has an image of the artist and a short bio. Assign it to the News section and then the category you created for your gallery.

        Then go to the Module Manager and create a module that will allow the Article to display on the correct page, in this case I created a new Newsflash module, named it with the artist name and then assigned it to the menu that accessed the Gallery component. Have the Position use User_1, that will insert your content above the Gallery. You will need to also set the parameters to “Show Images” so that your images will show.

  27. I’m having trouble uploading files through the Joomla admin area. I get file names into the file & folder list, but broken images because it appears the files are not getting moved into the images/atomicongallery folder.

    I’m not getting any write permissions errors. I noticed that .zip files do get uploaded to my tmp folder (normal images do not) but then not moved to the images folder.

    If I upload directly to the images/atomicongallery folder via FTP, the pictures display in the gallery, but not in the component admin area.

    Atomicon was working fine on my local machine.

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

  28. Addendum:
    I’m getting this in my php error log:

    Undefined variable: count in /administrator/components/com_atomicongallery/controllers/atomicongallery.php on line 83

  29. Hi! I have installed this plugin fine but I don’t know how to make it work. can anyone tell me how to use it? I would appreciate if you can tell me how to get the documentation of the plugin. thanks a lot

    1. Installing is quite easy… just decorate your gallery as you please…

      Then go to your menu… make a new menu-item of type “AtomiconGallery default view” click save… and you are set.

    1. Hi Sead,

      I’ve taken a look at your gallery. It seems jQuery is loaded quite a few times. (first jQuery then mootools (joomla) and then again jQuery) this causes the problem.
      There is a plugin or module in your installation that is causing problems. (you could try turning some of them off, e.g. mod_gtranslate)

  30. hi there, LOVE this extension!
    i’m editing the default_folders.php file to add some descriptive info to each page, but I can’t access the ‘description’ field of each folder, though I can access the title, as below.

    What am i doing wrong? Thanks!

    //title works
    <?php echo "” . $this->folder . “”; ?>

    //description doesn’t work
    <?php echo "” . $this->folder[‘description’] . “”; ?>

  31. Hi,

    When I choose thumbnails and resize the images to 800-600px the original files are not replaced. The popup does show the pictures in 800x600px but the original file (3,5mb) is loaded.

    Is this correct?

    1. does not seem correct… please make sure you have enough memory available on your server cause with such “heavy” pictures it takes a lot of memory.

    1. Hi,

      It looks like slimbox is not loaded? I couldn’t see any javascript errors. first I thought it was jQuery problem. but i could not find a link to the built-in slimbox. Please alter your settings via the atomicon-gallery menu item.

  32. Hey.

    I would love to test it for you.

    And i have a Joomla 1.6 page running where it really need a great gallery which your’s is.

    I have signed up for testing.

  33. how can i make my thumbnail pictures open up in fancy box??….when i click any thumb nail….it open like a full page then i have to click BACK on the browser to go back to the thumb nail list

    1. It could be a jQuery problem, if you want to use your own lightbox system please fill in the “rel” option in the menu-settings. (please read the documentation of your fancy-box)

  34. Hi Ivo,

    Thanks for your awesome component. I have one question: I dont want the albums or the ability of the add new folder. This way i skip it and have the photo gallery direct without having first to see the albums. Do you how to take off that ” Add New Folder” button on the admin back end in joomla?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. It’s Yvo 😉 and my parent mispelled it 😉

      Modify the “default_folders.php” file in the views folder of the component.
      (that’s the front end)

      For the admin:

      open “view.html.php” in your admin folder (com_atomicon folder)
      and remove the line:
      Atomicon::addToolbarPopup('new', JText::_('New folder'), $this->url . '&template=addfolder', 550, 400);

      No more new folders.

  35. I’ve organised my pictures in different subfolders and folders. The subfolders show the first image they contain as the thumbnail, but the folder just shows the picture “noimage.gif” (instead of the thumbnail from the first subfolder, for example). Is there a way to change this?

    Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks!

    1. Open up “atomicongallery.php” (in the admin-atomicongallery-component) search for the function “getFolderThumbnail” trace the function and see where it goes wrong

  36. Hi,
    i am getting an error for this code



    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object HTMLDivElement] has no method ‘close’

    what may be the reason ??

  37. hi
    i want to sort my folders by modifed date. now are sorting by alphabet.
    help me plz


  38. i use atomicongallery. it is very super and perfect extensions. but i dont know how can i change the pictures sizes in category and gallery main site.?

    which file and sourche code must be changed?


  39. Hi!

    My problem is that when i click a thumbnail it shows in blank page. Please help me with this. I know it’s a problem with JQuery but i don’t know how to fix it.

  40. Why is Atomicon Gallery placed on the Vulnerable Extensions List?

    On Warning! This extension is listed on the Vulnerable Extensions List.

    Follow the link below for more information. If you currently use this extension, your site is potentially at risk!
    You should also immediately get in contact with the developer of this extension and inquire about fixes to this security risk.


    1. Please download the new plugin… the permissions are fixed (it’s now 0755 instead of 0777)
      Thanks for reporting!

  41. Hi!

    My problem is that on my page is showing a folder of thumbnail. Even if i delete if in my administrator field, i refresh the page and it shows again. Please help me with that problem.

  42. Hi Yvo

    What do you think, how long does it take to complete des v2 of the atomicon gallery for Joomla! 1.6/1.7?

    I’d like to use this really great gallery on an new site on joomla-1.7-base.
    For a long time I was looking for another gallery like yours, but there is nothing… 🙁

    So please, come to an End… 😀 Thanks really much!
    …Or would it be an option to release a beta-version of the new gallery?

  43. Hello,

    I am VERY new to joomla and creating websites, but have found Atomicon when I needed a product that could help me get my photoshop banners or pictures on my website. And it’s super easy to use.
    The problem is that I do everything I need – I go in and find those pictures I should upload Atomicon make no mistake. The problem is that the uploader does not. Can someone help: o)

    I do exactly like this video, but the difference is just not my upload.

  44. I’m very happy with the way this plugin looks and works – very easy to install and set-up.

    I’m just having issues understanding why the images on this site (within Atomicon Gallery) are not searchable via Google, and if there is any way I can put a search box on the site to search the image gallery?

  45. Hi,

    thanx for this great gallery but could you publish a modified script/plugin which allows us to change the sorting of pictures and albums? For example most recent pictures and albums up top and the oldest pictures and albums at the bottom.

    I am using this gallery in a joomla 1.5 template and it is very important that the gallery sorts the items from most recent to oldest.

    I wish I could do it myself but I have no experience in coding and PHP, to me it’s all rocket science.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Riekelt Pasterkamp

  46. Hi, Yvo, why all this silence? I am waiting for the Joomla 1.6 (or 1.7) version of your wonderfull gallery. I prepare my site’s joomla 1.7 version and i miss the gallery I do not want to change to another one!

  47. I’ve added folders, images and descriptions to my admin but how do i get my gallery to show on the front end? Is there any instructions for this thing??

  48. Hello, congrats for the extension; I have a question that I see was repeat several time but no response: Is it a way to make pagination? Txs

  49. The Atomicon Gallery works really well for me! The only thing I would like to du is using something else than the lightbox to show my pics. The lightbox doesn’t fit in my page, so I need something like rokbox. I know that you can use rokbox too, so I installed it on my page and typed in rokbox ind the field were it should be typed in. Everything fine so far. Now that I open a pic it would show up in my rokbox BUT there is no way to go forth and back. I can only view one image, than I have to close this window again and open the next picture … Is there a way to change that?

  50. Hey.
    I’m using Your gallery – brilliant – very nice and easy to use. But I havbe a problem. I’m from Poland and we have irregular letter such as ł ś ź ż ć etc. When I make a folder with such letter i couldn’t upload any photo and even get to this folder. How can I fix it ?

  51. Gallery works very well and looks great. Just wondering if there is a way to assign each gallery page the actual ‘folder’ name, instead of having the same page title appearing throughout?

  52. I’ve installed this component on my local website (on wampp server). Installation was succesfull. When i want to create a folder i get the following error:

    The requested URL /eigenheimers/administrator//eigenheimers/administrator/index.php was not found on this server.

    How can i fix this?



  53. Hi there, I cant seem to get the lightbox to be displayed. On the parameters settings I have left the lightbox field so that it uses the slimbox by default but this does not help.
    Is there a slimbox plugin/extension that I should be installing on my joomla?

  54. Cool gallery. It is a pity that there is only for Joomli 1.5. Great he will be, when is of theses for the version 1.7.

  55. I named a folder with special caracters, the folder renamed itself and now I can’t delete it, appears this error WF_MANAGER_RENAME__ERROR what can i do? i tried deleting it through the cpanel but it appears again

  56. Hello Atomicon Team, what about atomicongallery for joomla 2.5?? UPDATE please!!!!

  57. Please identify the name of file which install this component and which do the database thing/???

  58. Delete failed: ‘Broops�tning 2012′

    I can’t delete this folder – the folder is empty! how can I solve yhe problem?

  59. how to insert the album to the article. i just finished setup automicon. but i dont know how to put in the article

  60. This Gallery is awesome! However, I’ve got one problem with it so far. I’m from Poland and I cannot use Polish dialectical characters (łóżśęźćń) in folder’s name. I cannot enter such folder nor upload any photos to it. I beg You on my knees 😀 for any support for Polish language in the next version of Your Gallery. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

  61. Hi!

    Any chnace of making atomicon for joomla 2.5?
    I’m using it for last 2 years and it’s very nice gallery, but inevitable migration to joomla 2.5 will make it unusable.

  62. For some reason a folder I just created is not displayed on the website. Before thisone I already created four different folders so I don’t understand why this happens. Maybe it has something to do with the version (1.0.1.)? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

  63. Bonjour, comme beaucoup, j’ai un problème avec l’ordre d’affichage des dossiers, comment les trier pour faire apparaître les plus récents en premier?

  64. For those like me trying to figure out how to reverse sort this legacy –
    User Side
    insert folders); ?> at Ln 4

    Admin Side
    insert folders); ?> at Ln 18

    in both cases it’s before “folders as $item) : ?>”

    If you want to do any other “sort” – use lookup and use the correct PHP sort function.

    Cheers & Good Luck

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